§ 6.14. School budget  

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  • It shall be the duty of the school board to submit its budget estimates to the mayor at the same time as other departments and in the form prescribed by the mayor. The mayor and council may take any action on the school budget permitted by § 22.1-94 of the Code of Virginia or any other provision of general law not in conflict with this charter. The school board shall before the beginning of the fiscal year file with the director of finance its budget as finally revised and its appropriations based thereon. It shall have power to order during the course of the fiscal year transfers from one item of appropriation to another, notice of which shall be immediately transmitted to the director of finance. The director of finance shall have the same authority to require expenditures to be made by school officers in accordance with the school budget as he/she is given by this charter to require expenditures by other city officers to be made in accordance with the general fund or utility budgets.

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