§ 6.03. Preparation  

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  • It shall be the duty of the head of each department, the judges of the municipal courts, each board or commission, including the school board, and each other office or agency supported in whole or in part by the city, including the attorney for the Commonwealth, to provide, at such time as the mayor may prescribe, estimates of revenue and expenditure for that department, court, board, commission, office or agency for the ensuing fiscal year. Such estimates shall be submitted in a form as determined by the mayor, and it shall be the duty of the head of each such department judge, board, commission, office or agency to supply all of the information which the mayor may require to be submitted thereon. The mayor shall hold such hearings as he/she may deem advisable and shall review the estimates and other data pertinent to the preparation of the budgets and make such revisions in such estimates as he/she may deem proper, subject to the laws of the Commonwealth relating to obligatory expenditures for any purpose, except that in the case of the school board, he/she may recommend a revision only as permitted by § 22.1-94 of the Code of Virginia or any other provision of general law not in conflict with this charter.

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