§ 5.05.1. General duties; chief administrative officer  

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  • It shall be the duty of the chief administrative officer, acting under the general direction of the mayor, to:

    (a) Prepare the annual budget for submission to the council by the mayor;

    (b) Prepare in suitable form for publication and submit to the council a concise report of the financial transactions and administrative activities of the city government during the fiscal year ending preceding thirtieth day of June and cause to be printed such number of copies thereof as the council shall direct;

    (c) Present adequate financial and activity reports as requested by the council;

    (d) Fulfill the city's responsibilities for maintaining cemeteries as provided for in § 2.05(d) of the charter and § 15.2-1121 of the Code of Virginia;

    (e) Attend, or be represented at, all meetings of the council in order to answer questions and make recommendations on behalf of the mayor, provided that prior to any such meetings, council has given the mayor at least 72 hours of advance notice of the matters on which it seeks information or a recommendation; and

    (f) Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this charter, by city ordinance, or required of him/her in accordance therewith by the mayor other than the duties conferred on the mayor by this charter.

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