§ 5.05. General duties; mayor  

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  • It shall be the duty of the mayor to:

    (a) Attend, or appoint a designee empowered to answer questions and make recommendations on behalf of the mayor to attend, all meetings of the council with the right to speak but not to vote; the mayor or his designee shall have the right to attend a closed meeting pursuant to § 2.2-3711 of the Code of Virginia, unless the council determines that the subject matter of the closed meeting includes the office of the mayor and that inclusion of the mayor or his designee shall be detrimental to the purpose of the council's deliberations;

    (b) Keep the council advised of the financial condition and the future needs of the city and of all matters pertaining to its proper administration, and make such recommendations as may seem to him/her desirable;

    (c) Oversee preparation of and submit the annual budget to the council as provided in Chapter 6 of this charter;

    (d) Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this charter or which may be required of the chief executive officer of a city by the general laws of the Commonwealth, or by ordinances adopted by the council, provided that the mayor shall have the power to veto any city ordinance imposing such duties on him, the chief administrative officer or any department head appointed by the chief administrative officer, by written notice of veto delivered to the city clerk within 14 calendar days of council's actions, subject to override thereafter by the council with a vote of six or more of the currently filled seats on council at any regular or special meeting held within 14 calendar days of the clerk's receipt of the notice of veto; however, the appointment of members of a redevelopment and housing authority in the city shall be made by the council; and

    (e) Issue such regulations as may be necessary in order to implement his/her duties and powers.

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