§ 3.04.1. Removal of council member or mayor and forfeiture of office  

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  • A. In addition to being subject to the procedure set forth in § 24.2-233 of the Code of Virginia, any member of the council may be removed by the council, but only for malfeasance in office or neglect of duty. He/she shall be entitled to notice and hearing. It shall be the duty of the council, at the request of the person sought to be removed, to subpoena witnesses whose testimony would be pertinent to the matter in hand. From the decision of the council an appeal shall lie to the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond, Division 1.

    B. The mayor may be removed following the procedure set forth in § 24.2-233 of the Code of Virginia applicable to constitutional officers; provided, however, that the petition must be signed by a number of registered voters in each council district equal to at least 10 percent of the total number of votes cast in the last general election for mayor in each respective council district.

    C. The mayor or any member of council who shall be convicted by a final judgment of any court from which no appeal has been taken or which has been affirmed by a court of last resort on a charge involving moral turpitude, or any felony, or any misdemeanor involving possession of marijuana or any controlled substances, shall forfeit his/her office.

(Acts of 2004, ch. 877, § 1; Acts of 2004, ch. 898, § 1)