§ 2.05. Miscellaneous powers  

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  • The City shall also have power:

    (a) To establish, maintain and operate public employment bureaus, public markets and public baths.

    (b) To establish, maintain and operate, within and without the City, public hospitals, sanatoria, convalescent homes, clinics and other public institutions, homes and facilities for the care of the sick, of children, the aged and the destitute.

    (c) To provide care for the poor and have all the powers and duties conferred and imposed on cities by the laws of the Commonwealth relating to public assistance.

    (d) To establish, own, maintain and operate, within and without the City, cemeteries for the interment of the dead, fix the price at which graves and lots therein shall be sold, make contracts for their perpetual care and establish the rates to be charged for the digging of graves, construction of vaults and other services.

    (e) To establish, maintain and operate, within or without the City, a jail for the confinement of prisoners, ordered or sentenced to be confined therein, and a jail farm; and compel able-bodied prisoners confined in the jail to work on such farm, with the approval of the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond. Any lockup physically located within the City of Richmond, whether in the Safety, Health and Welfare Building of the City of Richmond or elsewhere, shall be deemed a part of and included within the City jail facility for the purposes of supervision, administration, staffing and all other aspects germane to the operation of the City jail.

    (f) To acquire, in the manner provided in Chapter 18 of this Charter, areas, properties, lands or any estate or interest therein, located within the City's old and historic districts which, in the opinion of the Council, should be acquired, preserved and maintained for use, observation, education, pleasure and welfare of the people, or to preserve the character of the old and historic district in which such property is located; provide for their renovation, preservation, maintenance, management and control as places of old and historic interest by the department of the City government or by a board, commission or agency specially established by ordinance for the purpose; charge or authorize the charging of compensation for the use thereof or admission thereto; lease or sell to a 501(c)(3) organization, subject to such regulations as may be established by ordinance, any such area, property, lands or estate or interest therein so acquired upon the condition that the old and historic character of the area, property or lands shall be restored and preserved and maintained; or to enter into contracts with any person, firm or corporation for the management, preservation, maintenance or operation of any such area, property, lands or estate or interest therein so acquired as a place of old and historic interest, provided, the City shall not use the right of condemnation under this paragraph unless the historic value of such area, property, lands or estate or interest therein are about to be destroyed, including destruction through lack of maintenance.

    (g) To establish and collect such fees, including a charge for expenses incurred in auditing reports, accounts and any records of organizations operating bingo games and raffles under the permissive provisions of section 18.2-335 [now §§ 18.2-340.1-18.2-340.14] of the Code of Virginia and admitting to record the annual report of such organization, as may be determined by the Council to be reasonable for the rendering of special services.

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