§ 4. Effect of such repeal-limitations and exceptions  

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  • The repeal established by section 3 of this ordinance shall not affect or impair:

    (a) Any offense or act committed or done, or any penalty or forfeiture incurred, or any right established, accrued, or accruing on or before the 28th day of July, 2004;

    (b) Any prosecution, suit, or proceeding pending on the 28th day of July 2004, or any judgment or decree rendered on or before such date;

    (c) Any ordinance or resolution promising or guaranteeing the payment of money for or on behalf of the City;

    (d) Any ordinance or resolution authorizing any contract, agreement or other contractual obligation to which the City is a party;

    (e) Any ordinance or resolution authorizing the issuance of bonds or other evidences of a debt or indebtedness of the City;

    (f) Any ordinance authorizing, providing for, or otherwise relating to any public improvement or any special assessment;

    (g) Any ordinance or resolution granting a franchise, right, privilege, license or permit to use any public property or facility or any other property owned or controlled by the City;

    (h) Any ordinance or resolution relating to the establishment of a single school district in and for the City, and the ownership, control and use of property devoted to public school purposes; or

    (i) Any ordinance or resolution concerning: the management, control and administration of the affairs of the City government; the appropriation or expenditure of money; the levying or imposing of taxes; the salaries or wages of officers and employees; routes and schedules prescribed for motorbus transportation within the City and rates of fare that may be charged for transportation thereon; traffic regulations or specific streets; and the zoning map or zoning or rezoning specific property; provided such ordinances or resolutions are not in conflict or inconsistent with the provisions of the Code.