§ 2-454. Traffic control  

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  • (a) The director of public works shall have the power to make rules, regulations and orders relating to traffic, the power for which is conferred to local authorities by the commonwealth motor vehicle code or any other general law of the commonwealth, including the power to make rules, regulations and orders concerning the establishment of signs and signals, and the exclusion from any street or public way of the following:

    (1) Parking;

    (2) Traffic movement in more than one direction; and

    (3) Trucks and other commercial vehicles, except for the purpose of receiving loads or making deliveries. However, such orders, rules and regulations shall not conflict with the laws of the commonwealth or city ordinances. Penalties for the violations of any of such orders, rules or regulations shall be fixed by ordinance.

    (b) The director of public works shall make continuing studies of traffic conditions in the city and the approaches thereto, with special reference to prevention of congestion and accidents, the provision of parking facilities and the solution of other problems incident to traffic. The director shall report all new regulations to the chief of police.

    (c) The council shall not adopt any ordinance regulating traffic or establishing or altering the routes of public transportation systems until the ordinance has been referred to the department of public works for study and its report thereon filed with the city clerk. However, if no such report is filed within 60 days after such reference, the council may proceed to act on such ordinance.

(Code 1993, § 2-200)